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The Sheridan Sentinel and Kenoxie Archives & Museum
 Located in Hoxie, Sheridan County, Kansas, The Sheridan Sentinel was founded in 1884. It began as the Kenneth Sentinel, then when the towns of Kenneth and Hoxie merged, the name was changed to The Hoxie Sentinel.
 In November 2016, The Sentinel moved just up Main Street from its centenarian location to a new building (the former laundromat, and other businesses through the years.) This new place has the space necessary for the new Kenoxie Archives & Museum, which will house the newspaper's complete archives, as well as a 'newspaper through the ages' museum for visitors, school field trips, and tourists.
Viktorija Briggs


 After working for The Hoxie Sentinel for almost two years I then purchased the newspaper. I decided to change the name to The Sheridan Sentinel, so that it would be more inclusive of the rest of the county's towns and residents. This is the first newspaper I've ever owned, but the fourth business I've had.

 Being self-employed is what I've always enjoyed, each being in completely different fields, even while working part-time "real jobs." Graphic design, and building newsletters, blogs, and websites have been a hobby for almost 30 years. Now, I am putting that knowledge to use rebuilding the county's newspaper that was founded in 1884, and working to expand it to a more regional newspaper.

Rachel Farber
Office Manager, Archive Director


 Growing up in rural Sheridan County, I was excited for the opportunity to become the Archive Director at The Sheridan Sentinel. I compile a page called Now & Then; reading through the archives and choosing what to re-publish. It is interesting to see the different family names that have been around since the county was organized. Many are still farming the same land that was homesteaded originally.

 Having a strong sense of family and community is helpful in setting up the Kenoxie Archives & Museum. As we move forward with this project, we hope to acquire more of the former publications of the county to add to our full set of Archives from the Kenneth Sentinel, The Hoxie Sentinel and The Sheridan Sentinel, dating back to 1884.

Office Assistants
RIP  11/2016 ~ 8/22/2021
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