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Kenoxie Archives Online

The Kenoxie Archives & Museum is where all of the newspapers published in Sheridan County, KS are archived. Currently, we are in the planning and start-up stages, having finally received our 501(c)3 non-profit status. We will update as more plans are solidified.

The archives were donated by The Sheridan Sentinel to form the Kenoxie Archives & Museum. We have most of the newspapers from The Kenneth Sentinel, The Hoxie Sentinel, and The Sheridan Sentinel, beginning in 1884, as well as a number of newspapers published in Sheridan County since its founding. Viktorija Briggs wanted to begin the Archives, so when Rachel Farber went to work with her, they began working toward a museum, which will also be a teaching center focusing on the history of newspapers in the United States, Sheridan County in particular, as well as how newspapers are the very specific history of each geographic area of the country.

The name "Kenoxie" comes from the March 11, 1886 newspaper. The publisher was trying to come up with an appropriate name once they moved from the old town of Kenneth to the new town of Hoxie. He thought to call it The Kenoxie Sentinel. However, decided on The Hoxie Sentinel.

We will add more to this page as our plans progress toward the museum's development.

Research service is also available for items such as, obituaries, wedding announcements, baby announcements, and any other subject of interest. There is a fee of $15 per hour, with a minimum one-hour charge.


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