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  We will share news from all sides of an issue, provided the information is truthful.
  This page is to share what is going on in the world outside of northwest Kansas. Whether it impacts us directly or indirectly it is important to know what is going on outside our own personal life-bubble.
Glenn Beck's Chalkboard Jungle
  Whether you like Glenn Beck or not is not of any importance. What is important is the level of information he provides (backed up with full documentation) to the people on the subject of our government's usurpation and destruction of our country.
  Below are the links to his YouTube channel with videos from his show on BlazeTV. He has been covering the impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump and the depth of the Deep State that has taken hold of our country. You cannot watch these and not come away untouched!
Part 1: Ukraine: The Democrats' Russia
Part 2: Democracy Does Die in Darkness
Part 3: The Democrats' Hydra

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